Growing healthy, safe, and strong

Trees are cornerstones of thriving cities and towns. We plant with a special focus on areas where trees can have the greatest impact on health, climate resilience, and communities.

Improving Well-being

In cities and towns, trees are necessary infrastructure for a life well-lived. They filter pollutants and release oxygen while creating a calmer atmosphere by blocking the sights and sounds of busy streets. In fact, spending even a small amount of time near trees has been linked to reduced stress levels, increased physical activity, and an overall better mood — benefits every community deserves.

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Building Climate Resilience

In the face of a changing climate, trees are a powerful natural defense for urban areas. Concrete surfaces trap heat, creating what’s known as the heat island effect. In fact, dense urban areas lacking trees can be 15°F to 20°F hotter in the summer than surrounding areas with healthy tree canopies. For areas prone to flooding, extensive root systems prevent erosion and act as natural sponges to ease runoff.

Strengthening Communities

Everyone deserves the powerful benefits of trees. Trees in yards and along streets lower energy costs by shielding buildings from extreme temperatures and provide a grounding sense of home. Parks and green spaces strengthen neighborhood bonds and have even been linked to reduced crime rates. Unfortunately, not all communities enjoy these benefits equally. In underserved areas, the absence of trees can be keenly felt.

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Community Forests Take All of Us

Our Work in Urban and Community Forestry

For more than 50 years, we’ve fostered a deep network of members, community organizers, municipalities, nonprofits, and more to work from the ground up. We bolster our partners’ local expertise with resources, education, recognition, networking opportunities, and even trees to plant in their own yards. Together, we’re multiplying the good we can do where trees are needed now.

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Global Reach with Local Impact

We use advanced mapping to pinpoint where trees are needed most. Then, we equip our on-the-ground partners with resources to fuel their planting projects. From our home in the U.S., to communities around the globe, our network is always growing, meaning we can work wherever there is a need.

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Stories from the Ground

Explore the power of community trees in action.

Transforming Madagascar

Madagascar is home to one of the most remarkable ecosystems on the planet. Learn about our work with local residents who are growing and planting trees to combat deforestation.

See our work in action with those safeguarding Madagascar's future.

Trees as a Force for Equity

As temperatures rise, historically underserved communities are feeling the heat. Explore how communities like Parkwood in Nashville are using trees as a strategy to combat urban heat islands to cool an area otherwise lacking community canopy.

Learn how neighborhood trees can make life better for residents.